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Sunday, September 4, 2011

well at least we look like we can beat almost anyone

Alright I know we were the only Utah team to lose yesterday which really really sucks.  We choked hardcore, but then again that onside kick was amazing.  One of the best I had already seen.  I had the feeling that we were going to let it slip away.  I just didn't think it would take a miracle for us to do it.  I want to focus on the positives, this makes every single game in the rest of our schedule look very winnable.  I think the BYU game should be very interesting since they finally learned in their second half how to execute.  Besides that in looks like we could even win the WAC if we play like that.  Do I think we will look like that every game.  Nope.  I just hope we can play somewhere to that level.  We really were able to move the ball against the most talented and fasted defense we will see.  We did get exposed through the air I can admit, but just run on us I dare you.  I think our secondary will improve enough and plus we won't be facing any where near that fast of receivers.

Also Chuckie Keeton looked great, what an exciting qb to have.  He made great decisions and dang that kid can throw the slant.  He didn't take a lot of chances down field but I doubt that was the game plan.  He did look great in the pocket and his awareness was ridiculous.  Some sweet moves and speed.  Plus we saw he could make that deep throw and the throw on the run.

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