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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gordon Hayward

Some people are calling Hayward's game against the Lakers a coming out party.( I am seriously considering buying his jersey)  Theres been a done of hype about him now after these last two games.  I don't necessary expect him to keep what he has done these last two games, but I think he can become that guy by next season.  If he can average somewhere around 16 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, a block, and a steal a game next season I would be happy.  That would give us two legit scoring threats from the perimeter with Hayward and Miles.  That is assuming we exercise the team option on C.J.  Then with Harris running the point it looks like we could be a handful on the perimeter.  Again the weakness is shooting,  while Hayward is averaging a very good 45% from three, both C.J. and Harris are career 34% and 30% three point shooters.  So that leaves a little bit to be desired for that.  C.J. at least is respectable enough to scare people to guarding him at the 3 point line.  With Memo back next season, assuming he gets back,  we could be scary with him and Hayward bombing threes.  This was supposed to be more about Hayward so back to him.  I like how he has developed, I've been looking at his previous games and he has shown glimpses of what he is doing now.  He went 5 for 5 from the three against the T-Wolves back in February.  The last game was his most complete game by far though.  Also I mentioned in my previous post that he had the ball in his hands on every play the last six minutes.  I saw what he could be a playmaker and a leader.  He made things happen for the guys around him, especially Favors.  He is able to do things off the dribble which makes him that much more important.  The last few seasons we haven't had a wing that could do that.  Brewer was freakishly athletic and got a lot steals but not a serious offensive threat, especially with that awful jumper.  Krover could shoot the three and thats about it.  Wesley Matthews why couldn't we have kept him could do those things so my earlier statement was false.  He wasn't a leader but played within himself.  Oh gosh not resigning him still haunts me.  Anyway I think Hayward is looking like a better and better pick.  I love the kid and I think if he continues to develop he'll be awesome.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

so its been awhile

alright well I am doing this now because frankly I forgot do it during all of march madness mostly out of laziness and I was busy too.  Alright well that was a great tournament and my bracket did well until the elite 8 oh well.  It ended with a dud with that horrible championship game.  Seriously was painful to watch.  Was really disappointed in USU.  They pulled their classic choke until the second half in the ncaa tourney game and come up short.  They just didn't attack and adapt to the great half court D of KSU.  On Jazz news we are now eliminated from the playoffs now which i honestly wanted them to do.  It was good to see them beat the Lakers tonight though.  Great game by Hayward, I don't know if people noticed but he had the ball in his hands every play of the last half of the fourth quarter.  Hes going to be the man if he keeps this up.  That dunk was sweet and he just was a play maker tonight.  The one disappointing thing about that game was that the Jazz couldn't make free throws.  Almost lost the game for that reason.  I think it was just a problem for that game especially with who the culprits were.  Alright, I really hope we get good draft picks this year, hoping for Harrison Barnes or Derrick Williams.  That would be a sweet pick and besides that I don't care as long as its not Jimmer.  I know part of the reason is I just don't like BYU and the other because I think it would be a huge mistake.  Oh and I noticed that some utah bloggers have made comparisons with him and Steve Nash which is ridiculous, Steve Nash is a better passer and was a better passer in college.  I know Jimmer had to carry the BYU offense, but still if you are apparently getting double teamed and whatever you should be able to find an open man.  I know BYU has some shooters.  Oh and horrid A/TO ratio, I mean for a point guard seriously you need better.  Anyway thats my little rant for the day on that.  Should get to bed, but I drank Mountain Dew!