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Saturday, September 3, 2011

In honor the first full day of games and my inability to sleep

I don't know how many games I will talk about.  I am going to start with the two that are on my mind the most though.  The first one being the Utah State versus Auburn game.  I heard about some espn blogs picking this as the cupcake game of the week and I strongly beg to differ.  My perspective is highly biased towards the aggies and I believe they can win.  This is how the game will have to be won.  

1.  The Aggies must stop the run.
            Last year we lost to Oklahoma by a touchdown and the main reason we were even behind was the fact that Demarco Murray ran all over us.  That what's Auburn's game plan should be.  But if in our new 3-4 defense we can limit the run game to somewhere around 150 yards we have a chance.  That number really is about the best we are going to get, then again we've all seen miracles happen.

2.  The USU quarterback must manage the game and not turn the ball over
            Whoever he may be shouldn't try to win the game, well that is if our running game is as good as its supposed to be.  I think the biggest mistake our QB's could have is try to force plays downfield.  Nickle and diming your way on a young defense is a great way to get them to make mistakes.  Nothing is more frustrating then giving up 4-12 yards everything play.  Auburn is going to be looking for TFL plays to really get their confidence up and show the world, we can't have that.  Another factor in that Oklahoma game was that we threw 3 picks.  The last one coming on what would have been the game tying drive.

If we can do those things we have a chance to win.  No guarantee of victory but we have seen team dominate other teams and still lose, its all about putting points on the score board.

USU 34-Auburn 27

I'm a homer.
The other game I want to just briefly cover is the BYU versus Ole Miss game.  I think this is a pretty evenly matched game, well kinda.  I think BYU is overrated (like usual) and Old Miss is underrated.  BYU has the momentum going from last season of beating up on okay teams at the end of last season.  Ole Miss is trying to say we don't suck, last year was a fluke.  The better team looks to be BYU but we should always remember those games where BYU has struggled against superior speed and athleticism.  My motto for it, remember Florida State.(which was during the year of national championship talk).  Oh and just to kick byu in the balls because I can, BYU's national championship is the probably the most undeserving national champion ever in college football.  Still BYU 41 - Ole Miss 31.  I think the BYU defense is not going to be what its supposed to be but Ole Miss probably does suck so they'll still win and Jake Heaps will still be the savior of BYU football.

Bonus game Baylor and TCU was awesome last night.  I was going for baylor since I remember RG3 from his freshmen year and I have to go for a fellow 400M runner.  Also TCU was getting to that point of where I was tired of hearing about them.  TCU made it close game at the end which really showed they had heart, promise to be a better team later in the season, and they their inexperience at quarterback killed them in the end.  Thats what happens when you can't trust your kicking game though.  

Anyway I'm excited for the games today and can't wait for another season of football.  #thisiswhyIdon'thavebettergrades

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