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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Senior Night

It was really part of a great night overall for me but senior night was crazy.  I have seen Utah State come back before in some amazing games.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCWeStX6J1g  That one would have to be my personal favorite, but this game was something else entirely.  The spectrum was doing good but in the first half we quietly went down by 15. If I remember correctly USU was shooting something like 28% at that point in time and that is just ugly.

Then we went on an 8-0 to end the half and if it wasn't for a missed lay up at the end it would have been 10-0.  There was something different about this run, Idaho simply didn't have an answer.  I was wondering as the second half started if we could continue this run.  Not only continue but if we would only catch up and then make it go down to the wire.  What happened was amazing and more than I expected.

Things I liked: we seemed to have focused on the boards a lot more, especially Danny Berger,  the crowd was really into it,  the players were having fun out there, we didn't just settle, and Preston Medlin's shooting was amazing.

Also can anyone tell me how many times Medlin has been fouled shooting 3's?

Monday, February 13, 2012

marketing survey and some Linsanity


found this thanks to Kristi Dosh @SportsBizMiss, I only started following her on twitter a week ago and she is really good.

Also concerning Linsanity, I think Mike D'antoni's system might have created this.  His point guards just put up better numbers.  Its the old system quarterback argument from college football.  It also reminds me of Jimmermania of last year.  Its definitely better then the Tebow craze because Jeremy Lin puts of up good numbers.

What I am looking forward to this week

Well I may not be able to write in the blog this week much because of a paper and two tests.  Its going to be a real B this week.

Lets start with USU basketball: there are two games lined up this week Montana Tech and UC Santa Barbara.

The first game will be fun hopefully the backboard won't break this year as it did last year when we played a cupcake team like Montana Western in a similar cupcake match up.  I would like to see some more fundamentally sound basketball then we had against NMSU.  We had didn't play well down the stretch there and didn't get shots off until late into the college shot clock.  With 35 seconds we shouldn't be taking our shots with 3 left.

The second game is the bracket buster and will be the first time it will not be televised or on the internet for us.  Kinda sad but that is the current state of the program.  Also if I remember correctly a random fact about UCSB is that Jim Rome is a alumni I think.......  Anyway it should be a good game and we should be glad its in the spectrum.  Even if 3 teams have come into the spectrum and won, it's still a hated place to go.  This will also be game where we need to prove we are not a fair weather fan base.  With the current state of the team I don't know if we will win or lose but I want to show up for them.

Speaking of the team I'm tired of reading forums about how are team sucks and how we don't have the talent now.  This team has the talent and needs time to develop and learn.  Besides the loss at NMSU we have been in games in the last 5 minutes.  Its just showing the same problems the football team had.  Except the football team had the miracle 5 Adam Kennedy games.

Alright onto the Jazz, the just started their only back to back to back games stretch with a very nice win.  I don't think it was there best win of the season but it was solid and it was good to see the Jazz win.  Gordon Hayward is starting to become again what he was at the end of last season.  From what I have been reading its been a confidence issue.  I wonder how long it will take him before we won't see these slumps.  There is also a glaring need to replace Devin Harris.  Now I remember early on I was showing a lot of love to him because of the player he used to be.  However he doesn't seem like that same player.  He doesn't really fit into the team very well and he gets often outplayed by Earl Watson.  Not only offensively is he struggling but he is supposed to be a good defender but its just not there.

The problem is we can't draft anyway and in order to find a good point guard we might have to give up more than Devin Harris.  Unless someone believes that in their system he can be the player he used to be.

Anyway random facts that I have learned through reading ESPN.  We can expect an increase in football attendance next year because of their winning ways and more then we saw this year when they were winning. Even if they have a mediocre year statistics have shown that attendance should be better.  Its going to work the other way too for basketball, next year will be bad for attendance.  I'm especially worried about the student section.  This years batch of freshmen aren't going to have the same experience of coming to games and I believe it will have an adverse effect or next year when the new batch of freshmen come.  One of the reason I stay here is because of that basketball team.

Also I wanted to voice my opinion on an event that happened shortly after the football season ended.  Gary Andersen announced that Chuckie Keeton would be the starter going into spring ball.  I'm a fan of the move for several reasons.  Hopefully it will create a spirit of competition between the two quarterbacks.  I believe in what GA says about not wanting to kick a guy out of the starting line up because he got injured.  To be honest as well I like Chuckie Keeton better than Adam Kennedy.  I know Adam Kennedy dominates in the win loss record but I like Chuckie as a decision maker better.  He just doesn't make a lot of risky throws and his two interceptions were both just great moves by defenders.  I will admit that I remember a couple passes that defenders dropped.  He has better speed and hes going to grow into being a better passer.

The real question though of who should start comes down into what is going to work better with how the two fit into Matt Wells offense.  He wanted to focus more on the vertical passing game which makes sense considering the recruiting of Alex Wheat.  Looking at it from that stand point I think the starter will end up being Adam Kennedy because of a better arm.  Hopefully the decision is made based on who fits better and who plays better as an individual.  I don't think the wins by Adam Kennedy should factor into the decision but solely on who makes the offense run better.  We all have to remember that even Tim Tebow had 6 wins in a row and that was definitely his defense who kept the teams in the game.