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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Senior Night

It was really part of a great night overall for me but senior night was crazy.  I have seen Utah State come back before in some amazing games.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCWeStX6J1g  That one would have to be my personal favorite, but this game was something else entirely.  The spectrum was doing good but in the first half we quietly went down by 15. If I remember correctly USU was shooting something like 28% at that point in time and that is just ugly.

Then we went on an 8-0 to end the half and if it wasn't for a missed lay up at the end it would have been 10-0.  There was something different about this run, Idaho simply didn't have an answer.  I was wondering as the second half started if we could continue this run.  Not only continue but if we would only catch up and then make it go down to the wire.  What happened was amazing and more than I expected.

Things I liked: we seemed to have focused on the boards a lot more, especially Danny Berger,  the crowd was really into it,  the players were having fun out there, we didn't just settle, and Preston Medlin's shooting was amazing.

Also can anyone tell me how many times Medlin has been fouled shooting 3's?

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