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Saturday, November 12, 2011

This weekend and weekend before

Last weekend had one of the most amazing USU football games I have ever watched.  Its too bad for most people that it was at Hawaii and went until 1:30 AM mountain time.  I almost cried when Chuckie went down, I was seriously scared.  Then when we started scoring in the 2nd half I could just feel the comeback coming.  Everything was there for it.  Really everything just went our way in that 2nd half.  The fake punt, both of of Adam Kennedy's touchdown passes, the pass inference call, and Michael Smith someone getting reversing the field twice to get a first down (it was called back on a penalty but if you know the play you know we got lucky). It was just ridiculous.

Alright well I decided to camp out the two nights before the BYU game.  Oh the reward I received for it.  My ears started hurting immediately, it was just so effing loud.  You could tell the student section was ready to explode.  There was some amazing signs (mostly directed towards Davies), a lot of people with painted bodies, and one guy dressed as the pope (my favorite).

The game itself well I have never seen that many charges called, some good and a lot were bad.  An example of that is one time Pane was going sideways around a guy and while hes in the air a BYU defender slides over  puts his hips into Pane and falls over.  It was a little ridiculous, WCC refs right?  It was just badm both teams had over 20 fouls.  It was a physical game but not quite sure if it was that bad.  Although BYU's got inflated at the end because of free throws, which we actually made.  I don't feel like givng a real analyst but I have to say at moments I was really scared and at other times I knew we would win.  When we had 10 fouls and they had 3, I thought the game was over.  We were playing each other tight and the free throws they were going to get would have been all the difference.  Fortunately it didn't turn out that way.  I will say there is a reason that we didn't do winning team losing team until there was 7 seconds left.  The game was close and it was worth the two nights of Logan weather.  (so glad I bought that mountain hardware sleeping bag)

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